About Myself

It always seemed to me that at City Cemetery No. 1, which is in the royal city Alexandrapolis, the word has more power than busy streets.
At VGIK, my Master - Valentin Konstantinovich Chernykh - gave task: to write two stories - what touched me most of all in childhood.
I wrote about the funeral of my Babo from Kirov Street and about the funeral of my Star. Two stories, three pages each.
When I was wrighting, I did not notice that my professor - Mashukov Vladimir Ivanovich - was standing behind my back. I turned around and he said:
— Do you think you are writing a script? You are wrighting your destiny!
And my Master asked:
— How old were you?
I replied:
— At the memorial service of my Babo - sixteen, and at the funeral of my Star - thirteen!
He sayed:
— You became a writer, screenwriter, screenwriter at the funeral of your Star! Return to Armenia and get ready for your diploma. I am waiting for a graduation script for a full meter!
And his wife, a teacher of script writing Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Kozhinova, said:
— You own the script, volume and form.
I was surprised and asked:
— What is that
Everyone laughed at me.

“Armen Gasparyan is a writer with his own style!”

B.N. Tarasov - president of the jury of the Bunin Prize, chairman of the Writers' Union of Russia, member of the jury of the International Literary Forum “Golden Knight”, Rector of the Literary Institute named after A.M. Gorky (2006 – 2014)